WHITE PAPER: 10 Tips for Implementing a Successful Recall Process

Be Prepared... It Could Happen

Download this white paper to get your recall procedures in place.

Medical device recalls are a fact of life and competitors love to find out that you’ve had one. Regardless of recall classification (Class I, II, or III), a recall procedure is instrumental in working in concert with a company’s post-market surveillance and agreements with suppliers. Companies should not assume there is never going to be an issue with a product and not have these procedures in place up front.

In this white paper you will learn how to:

  • Conduct a post-market risk analysis and document the conclusion
  • Form a safety review board within your company comprised of a cross-functional team
  • Ensure recall procedures are in place and that you follow the same process every time, regardless of recall classification.
  • Have traceability to all devices up front
  • And much more!

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